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New fish every week!

We receive new fish for our sales facility every week. We receive wild catches about once a month.

Wholesale and retail

Sales directly to private customers and to resellers.

Import and export of East African cichlids!

Imported from Africa approx. once a month. Daily shipping within Germany and the EU. Export outside the EU possible almost daily.

The most important thing at the top!

The specialist for Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids

About Us

Who we are

Since 12 August 1989, Aqua-Treff has been at your side with help and advice when it comes to East African cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika!

In our business premises in Meerbusch we offer you one of the largest ranges of Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids in Germany in over 300 aquariums.
We regularly import Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids directly and are the general importer in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium for Malawi cichlids from the company of the sadly deceased Stuart M. Grant.
On our homepage you will find information about our direct imports, all news and dates concerning Aqua-Treff, our current stock, our shipping conditions as well as a large picture library.

Your Aqua-Treff team is looking forward to your personal visit to Aqua-Treff!

Questions? Then simply contact us

How it all began.

The history of the Aqua-Treff

In 1988, the idea was born to step out of the darkness of the breeding facilities into the light of day. No sooner said than done, a suitable shop was found and off we went.

On 12 August 1989, the AQUA TREFF was officially opened. At that time, the assortment consisted of East African cichlids, fish for the community tank, aquarium accessories and, get this, dog and cat food, dog leashes, etc. At that time, the sales facility for ornamental fish comprised 70 aquariums, on 100 square metres.

In December 1989, we went to Lake Malawi for the first time for 4 weeks. But of course not to where everyone could travel safely….to Stuart Grant on the Malawi side of the lake…no it was to be the Tanzanian side of Lake Malawi! Arriving in Dar es Salaam, after a few days of organisation, it was time for the big jeep ride to Lake Malawi!

Der Malawisee

To cut a long story short, after we had arrived in Mbamba Bay after a long and very adventurous trip, and after a few days had gone on to Liuli, it was soon clear that we wanted to export fish from there, the small paradise of Liuli, to Germany. What we saw under water in Liuli, Mbamba Bay, Lundu, Lundo, Puulu and in many other places did not allow us to do anything else but start this adventure of exporting the animals to Germany.

And again said done. Land was bought, a fish house was built and so on. If we are honest, we have to say that this story sounds better and easier than it actually was.
From Germany, the necessary on-site control was not really possible. So we sent a friend and companion to Lake Malawi as a control authority. But there were always difficulties and things that we, naive as we were at that time, had not expected.

After we had found out that it was very difficult to run the station at Lake Malawi profitably, we decided at the end of 1991 to sell everything that had been built at the lake up to then. A buyer was found immediately and everything seemed to end well. But fate had something up its sleeve for all concerned.

In November 1991, the local man, companion/employee and friend, Rainer Zinke, was attacked and killed by a large crocodile in the bay off Liuli. Two of Rainer’s friends from Germany were in the water during the attack and experienced everything first hand.

The villagers were able to rescue our friend from the crocodile’s hiding place and he was brought to Germany by plane and buried here. The unimaginable had happened and it took a long time for everyone involved to understand what had happened.
But it had to go on. In December 1991, our partner Hans Fleischer decided to go to Zanzibar to live there and start various projects. He put this plan into action at the beginning of 1992.

In 1992, the Aqua-Treff was put on a good track. In the meantime, the number of aquariums for sale had risen to about 90 and there were no more dog and cat articles. The range now only included aquarium accessories!

In 1993, the adjoining shop was rented as well. This enabled the aquarium facility to be enlarged to about 150 aquariums, and at the same time the range of accessories was also expanded.

In the following years, the company regularly took part in trade fairs in Duisburg.
An annual cichlid festival was celebrated at the Aqua Treff, which enjoyed great popularity.
This “Cichlid Festival” at the Aqua-Treff, is still well attended and always a highlight for us and our customers. 

The fish offered in the Aqua-Treff come from many well-known breeders, the special feature being that we have been working with some breeders since 1989. Until 2003, the wild fish were co-imported from Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi.
In 2003 the time had come again. Finally back to Lake Malawi. This time, however, to Stuart Grant, the veteran when it comes to wild catches from Lake Malawi. After only a few animals found their way to Germany from Stuart Grant in the years 2000 to 2003, 
it was decided to visit Stuart Grant in his paradise with a group of six in January 2003 (one can only recommend this to every Malawi lover), not without ulterior motives.

It turned out to be a wonderful time and as it had to come, so it came! In March 2003, the first shipment of wild fish from Stuart Grant arrived at the AQUA TREFF.
From then on, Stuart Grant imported regularly. By November 2003 there were already 4 shipments and they were not to be the last!

In the following years, the number of imports was constantly increased. Direct imports from Burundi and Zambia were also added! Since 2007, only East African cichlids have been available at Aqua-Treff. All other ornamental fish have been removed from the range… more space for our cichlids. The range of accessories has also been greatly reduced. All to make room for even more retail aquariums.
The number of aquariums has increased to over 300 by 2019 and ideas for changes are still coming.

After the death of Stuart Grant in 2007, some changes were made to the caging system in Malawi and to the import system through the cooperation of friends of the Grant family, including ourselves.
The aim was to keep the animals in Malawi in a better and gentler way and thus to have a better quality ready for shipment. Over the years this has been achieved and today we can say that the quality of the imported animals is extremely good. Since then, Aqua-Treff has also acted as general importer for the Grant family cichlids in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
But we will never forget the man who was one of the pioneers in Lake Malawi and who made it possible to bring these great animals to Europe and the whole world in larger numbers!
Thank you Stuart and all the best for your long journey, which you started far too early.

I hope I have not bored you with this little journey through the history of the AQUA – TREFF.

The AQUA – TREFF, the somewhat different business!


The specialist for cichlids of Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika !

A large selection of species-pure and qualitatively excellent offspring as well as regularly new, directly imported wild catches from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika. In addition to the well-known species, we always have species ready for you that you will not find everywhere. Besides the Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids, we also have a small selection of Victoria cichlids.

Shop sale

During our opening hours for private customers, you can enjoy our well-kept facility and the variety of East African cichlids. We will be happy to advise you in detail.


We regularly import wild-caught fish from Malawi, from the best-known and largest exporter in Malawi, the company of the late Stuart M. Grant, which is now run by his son David and his widow Esther Grant. We also import Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids from Tanzania.

Export and shipping

We ship our fish within Germany and to Europe with Übernacht Express. You can find the prices for shipping here on the website under the Shipping Costs button. We can ship to countries outside the EU via Frankfurt Airport.


Whether by phone or directly at our Aqua-Treff, we advise you in your interest and for the welfare of the animals ! Of course we also have to earn something, but not at any price !


By appointment, resellers can shop at Aqua-Treff almost daily. In addition, we ship to resellers in Germany and Europe by overnight express. To countries outside the EU, we ship by air freight.

Fish food

We have a small but fine range of feed available for you. This consists of the types of food that we feed ourselves to our animals in the shop.

Close to the customer

Customer proximity is important to us. Take advantage of our more than 40 years of experience in the field of Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids. Ask us the questions that are burning on your nails. 

Just come

Just have a look around at our place. Our well-maintained sales facility with over 300 aquariums offers almost every interested party the right fish.


Naturefood Premium Granules

Here you will find information about the premium food from Naturefood!

If you have any questions…… ask us !

We have been feeding Naturefood products ourselves to our animals in the shop for several years now
and are more than satisfied with the results.

Due to the excellent and close cooperation with the manufacturer, the feed has been even
optimised over the last few years.
In our experience, Naturefood is one of the few manufacturers that is not only interested in practical experience, but also implements it very quickly and professionally!

Naturefood’s recipe for success,
Naturefood is produced as an extrudate and as a high-pressure granulate.


In the extrusion process, the highest quality raw materials are slightly heated at a pressure of approx. 4-6 bar in the low temperature range (approx. 60 degrees C). Due to this gentle process, the natural vital substances (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) are largely preserved. 
Ornamental fish food that has been produced in the high-temperature range (e.g. flake food at 180°C and 
conventional granulates) are no longer able to guarantee the health of our aquarium animals. 
Even the subsequent addition of individual vitamins, etc., cannot replace the natural variety of vital substances. On the contrary, an oversupply of individual vitamins is just as problematic as a deficiency.
Only natural food provides the right proportions and all vital substances. It is crucial 
that this ratio is not destroyed by excessive heating.

No fish cooks its food!

With the new high-pressure process, a pressure of approx. 40 bar is used instead of approx. 4 bar.

This allows the temperature to be reduced further, to below 50 degrees C. This alone is of great importance.

In addition, the high pressure breaks down the molecular compounds, especially the carbohydrates, even further than with extrusion. 
further than during extrusion. This relieves the fish organism decisively during metabolism (conversion and utilisation of the feed, up to excretion). 
Feeding can be even more economical than with extrudates, as almost everything that is eaten can also be utilised. 
can be utilised.

This makes high-pressure granules the best of all currently existing alternatives to natural food, such as live and fresh feed.

For the Naturefood premium varieties, ingredients such as sea fish, crustaceans and shellfish, green meals such as spinach powder or alfalfa, spirulina and other valuable sea algae, yeasts, high-quality micronutrients (glucans), vitamins, a variety of natural colourings (xanthines) such as astaxanthin and other seasonally changing raw materials are used. 
raw materials are used.

A balanced composition of ingredients is another of Naturefood’s recipes for success. 
Through a balanced protein/fat ratio, your fish gain the energy they need from raw fat. 
This corresponds to the natural food intake. This further relieves aquarium animals during the metabolic process. 
metabolic process.

And not only the aquarium animals, but also the plants and the aquarium water are relieved with Naturefood. 
relieves the strain. Due to the optimal digestion process, excretions are reduced on the one hand. On the other hand, these excretions contain hardly any nitrates and phosphates.

– Even with fewer water changes, the aquarium water remains clear and mulm-free.

– The formation of algae is reduced to a healthy minimum.

– Aquarium plants develop better.

And Naturefood offers yet another advantage, this time directly for you and your wallet:

Since Naturefood is better utilised, you feed only half the amount you used to.

For further details, please contact us. At the moment, you will receive the food by email upon request. In the not too distant future you will be able to buy the food via the shop that will be created here on the website.

Your Aqua-Treff Team



Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids, Lake Malawi and more


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Aqua-Treff also as an online shop


Fragen? Bestellungen ? Oder drückt der Schuh woanders?

If you have any questions about our stock of East African cichlids, our food assortment or our mail order offer for fish, please write to us or call us.

As long as the online shop is not yet ready, orders can be placed by email as before. Take a look at our stock list and send us your order, with complete shipping address and a telephone number where you can be reached. We will then get in touch with you! 

Of course we are also there for you if you have other questions about Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids !

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